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Precision Remodeling Defined

Luxury Kitchens, Bathrooms, & Home Additions for Homeowners Who Demand More.

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Advantages of Working with RWS

The Stakes

The High Cost of Settling for Less: Discovering the Importance of Selecting the Right Contractor

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Low Quality Work/ Subpar Work

Inexperienced or unqualified contractors may deliver poor-quality work, leading to a space that looks unprofessional and may require expensive fixes down the line.

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Cost Overruns

Unexpected costs can quickly escalate the project budget if not properly managed, especially when dealing with custom or luxury items.

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Lack of Communication - “Your Voice Unheard”

The lack of communication in professional settings can give rise to various concerns. Misunderstandings can lead to decreased productivity and missed opportunities. Through miscommunication, trust reduces and tensions rise.

The Value of RWS Remodel

Experience a Better Way to Remodel

High-Quality Design Reflecting Your Life

At RWS, we believe in crafting environments that blend aesthetic appeal with functionality and comfort. Our goal is to transform clients' homes into personalized reflections, creating high-quality spaces that are both visually appealing and comfortable.

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Tailored For You

Tailoring renovations to your style fosters a space reflecting your identity, enhancing a sense of belonging. Opting for a contractor attuned to your preferences yields satisfaction and functionality. Our customized approach ensures your space is uniquely tailored to your lifestyle, avoiding cookie-cutter solutions.

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No Surprises

Choosing a "no surprises" contractor for your renovation ensures a transparent and predictable process. This commitment fosters smooth collaboration by outlining the scope, timeline, and costs upfront, providing clarity and minimizing unforeseen disruptions.

Our 3 Step Process

RWS uses a proprietary process to ensure that every project has no surprises.

Our Unique Estimate, Plan, Quote, Build (EPQB) system delivers fully transparent projects of the highest quality.


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